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Our Philosophy

The Scholars' way-of-learning centers around the child.
The child's participation, experience, voice and opinion are what matter to us the most.

Our Mission

Our mission as parents and mentors are to enable our children realize their potential and make their dreams come true.

About Scholars World School

Infinite Potential

THE SCHOLARS' WORLD SCHOOL is a "Brain Child" of Puttu Education Trust, the Trust which is specially committed to follow expertise ways in students "Career Building" when it comes to your child's future you can trust "THE SCHOLARS;"
Admissions are open to all students from Preschool to 7th,    
 THE SCHOLARS' WORLD SCHOOL has high standards to match its high altitude. The peaceful home to the challenging educational program that expertly merges academic ambition with a range of rich extracurricular pursuits, shaping children into well-rounded, socially active, global citizens.

Cultural Activities

Respecting the Nation

.After having explored and mastered their skills in dance, music and drama all throughout the year, students get opportunities to showcase their talent through events such as Scholars Sambhrama, National festivals and School Plays. While some of our students emerge as the star performers in these events, others hone and exhibit their craft in production, decoration, preparation of props, makeup and costumes. Family members and friends who attend these events bear witness to the big THE SCHOLARS family, we belong to.


Science exhibition at its best by Scholars

We’re committed to giving each student the opportunity for the fullest possible personal development: academically, spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially and physically. Student life is enriched by a variety of extra-curricular activities — including intramural and inter-school sports competitions, Science exhibitions, sports  and numerous opportunities for creative expression. Students of the Arts will gain vital life skills which will play an important role in their future careers.

Learning by Activities

Learning beyond native text book method

There are a lot of success stories about students who joined THE SCHOLARS' WORLD SCHOOL with learning difficulties ultimately blossoming into students who felt good about themselves and contributed a lot to the school and the society. It is an immense pleasure to observe struggling students moving up to their way of success by increasing their self-awareness, perseverance, goal-setting, the presence and use of effective support systems and strategies.

THE SCHOLARS' at a Glance

  • Pioneer in integrating Montessori and traditional methods.
  • Creative modern teaching techniques.
  • Teacher to student ratio 1:15.
  • Subject -specific learning areas.
  • Integrated sports curriculum.